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Almora, Jageshwar Tourist Spots
Almora is famous for its magnificent beauty, panoramic view of the Himalayas, rich cultural heritage, unique handicrafts and delicious cuisine. Almora is perched at an elevation of 1,638mts above sea level and is spread across a 5-km ridge atop Kashaya Hill. Almora is situated on a horse shoe shaped ridge of a mountain, the eastern portion of which is called the Talifat and the western one is known as Selifat.

The picturesque landscape of Almora attracts hundreds of tourists each year as it is one of the business hubs of Kumaon region. Almora was developed by the Chand Rajas and it was maintained and further developed by the British. The renowned Swami Vivekananda meditated in this region. Almora requires attention regarding excess construction and cleanliness. Government should take decisive steps to control the increasing pollution.

Chitai (Golu Devta) and Nanda Devi temple are famous temples of Almora. Other important temples of Almora are Katarmal, an 800-year old Sun Temple, Jageshwar and Kasar Devi built on a mountain peak near Kalimutt. You can enjoy Apen folk-paintings and other treasures in the Govind Ballabh Pant Museum or catch a picturesque glimpse of the Himalayas along with the lovely pine and deodar trees in Simtola, 3 kms from Almora.

These are some of the popular tourist spots in Almora, Jageshwar

Shiva Temple: This ancient temple of Shiva is surrounded by huge fur trees. This magnificent monument is dedicated to the destroyer of the universe according to the Hindu mythology. This Shiva Temple able has an antechamber in which houses the Temple of Nanda Devi. Nanda Devi was the patron goddess of the Chand Dynasty that rules this area in medieval era.

Almora Fort: The Almora fort is a valuable asset Chand Dynasty has given to the people. After the Indian Independence, this Fort was converted into the District Collector’s Office. The fort offers a 360 degree view of Almora and the surrounding countryside. Almora fort is situated at the highest point of Almora bazaar.

Lakhuudiyar: Lakhuudiyar is the most important of all prehistoric sites of Almora. It contains a host of prehistoric rock paintings of human beings, animals, lizards, group of dancers and so on. Lakhuudiyar is said to exist since the Bronze Age.

Phulseema and Pharkanauli: Phulseema and pharkanauli are other sets of beautiful rock paintings of Bronze Age. They are situated at a distance of 4 Km from Lakhuudiyar. Red lines over the rocks make these paintings peculiar and somehow form the dancing figures over the rocks.

Tamta Mohalla: Tamta Mohalla is a locality of old city of Almora that in earlier times belonged to the coppersmiths. It is noteworthy that copperware is one of the traditional crafts of Almora and some of the best coppersmiths still work from Tamta Mohalla.

Bright End Corner: Bright End Corner is a place in Almora, famous for sunrise and sunset points. It is a place where one can listen to his soul in serenity and tranquility of the surrounding environs.

Deer Park In Almora: An evening walk through the Deer Park, located 3 Km from Almora is certainly going to be a memorable experience.

Kasar Devi, Almora Kasar Devi: Temple of Kasar Devi, located about 6 Km from Almora is a clam and soothing place. Such is the serenity of this place that Swami Vivekananda chose this place to meditate.

Nanda Devi Temple: The ancient temple of Nada Devi is one of the prime attractions of Almora. Nada Devi is the patron goddess of the local people and the erstwhile Chand dynasty. Hundreds of years old, this temple carries deep faith of people from this area. The statues and images on the walls of the temple are intricately carved with great skill.

Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum: Govind Vallabh Pant Public Museum is located near Almora bus stand. It is the only museum in Almora and surely deserves a visit. The museum has a rich collection of fascinating items relating to history, archeology and ones having cultural significance. One such item being ‘Apen’, folk style of painting found in this region that can be seen in this museum.

Jageshwar: The pilgrim site located in a verdant valley is 38 kms from Almora and is believed to be one of the twelve Jyotirlinga's in the country. The Swayambhu Linga named Nagesh is enshrined here.

Someshwar: About 35 kms north from Almora, Someshwar has an ancient Shiva temple considered to be constructed by the founder of the Chand Dynasty, Raja Som Chand.

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